About the Congress

The International Congress on Education Quality is a new initiative of annual meetings devoted to the quality of education. Our goal is to exchange experiences, undertake joint initiatives, and work together on the continuous improvement of education quality.

Thematic areas

The subject matter of the congress is broad – it includes, among others, issues related to education quality assurance systems, education quality monitoring, accreditation, internationalisation of education, development of educational competencies, and distance learning.


Registration of participants

The congress is a meeting place for students, academics, people creating and organising academic education, as well as people responsible for monitoring education quality. Most of the events during the congress will also be open to people from outside the organising institutions (after prior registration).

Contact Us

Organisational Office:
e-mail: kontakt@iceq.pl

Director for Operations
Magdalena Stryja, MA
tel. +48 32 359 16 55 | mob. 507 096 756
e-mail: magdalena.stryja@us.edu.pl

Director for Promotion
Ewelina Sporysz, MA
tel. +48 32 359 13 21 | mob. 781 820 084
e-mail: ewelina.sporysz@us.edu.pl