1st edition

The International Congress on Education Quality (16–18 November 2022) will take place in a hybrid formula – onsite in Katowice and online.

Specific days will be devoted to different aspects of education quality.

16 November

Strengthening the educational competencies of teachers, including verification of learning outcomes, modern educational methods, individualisation of education, education quality assurance systems, pro-quality activities, good practices in education quality, development and modification of modern curricula.

17 November

Accreditation as a key mechanism for monitoring the quality of education, requirements and current activities of the Polish Accreditation Committee and other prestigious Polish and foreign accreditation institutions, specificity of accreditation for individual types of studies (including e.g. arts, physical culture sciences, teacher training study programmes, etc.), accreditations in the context of rankings.

18 November

International aspects of education quality, international accreditations, unification of educational programmes at the European community level, foreign partners and the quality of education. Additionally, there will also be presentations of the developed intellectual results within international consortia, e.g. projects implemented under the following programmes: Erasmus+, Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, European Economic Area, International Visegrad Fund.

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